Free Casual Play

Every interested student should have access to chess instruction. TCC is open every Monday from 3-6 p.m. for casual play and questions. Come join us and learn the basics including piece movement, general opening principals, checkmates, and chess notation.

Chess Classes and Instruction

TCC offers group and private lessons. Check out the events page for group lesson schedules. Private lessons are held on Fridays by appointment only. 

TCC also offers after school programs for local elementary and middle schools.

Tournaments for Adults and Kids

TCC offers weekly and monthly USCF-rated tournaments open to all:
Monday night tournaments are USCF blitz-rated G/5 8-round swiss events
Tuesday night tournaments are USCF dual-rated G/45 plus 3 second increment swiss events
Check out the events page for tournament schedules.

Junior Joust Series for Kids

TCC holds scholastic chess tournaments for kids call Junior Jousts. Normally, these G/15 events are held on the second and fourth Saturday. Players accumulate points in these events to qualify for seasonal finals. Check out the events page for tournament schedules.

Club Matches for Kids

Several times per year TCC hosts a club match vs. another scholastic team in the area.